10 Juices to detoxify the body

Every three months our body needs to eliminate the toxins that accumulate in the body over time. With simple shakes you can detoxify naturally and effectively.

Our body responds to all the needs or deficiencies it has internally, which is why headaches, gastritis and certain discomforts become a constant for no apparent reason.

For these cases, an interesting alternative is to prepare cleansing juices that help balance our health. We present you 10 juices that you can take, depending on your need, accompanied by some exercise routines.

Although these natural options are harmless, they in no way replace the opinion of your doctor or a specific treatment that you may require for a disease.



1. Red juice

Rich in vitamin E and antioxidants capable of preventing premature aging. In addition, it offers a significant dose of potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium, vitamin C and iron. To see its effects, it is essential to take it every morning for 20 days.


 1 tablespoon of honey

● 6 fresh strawberries

● 1 cup of grapes

● The juice of 2 lemons

● 2 pineapple slices

Put all the ingredients in the blender and let them blend completely. It is optional to add half a cup of water.

2. Digestive juice

This juice helps eliminate a large number of toxins thanks to its high fiber ingredients. It is important to take it in the morning after breakfast.


● The juice of 1 lemon

● 1 stalk of celery

● 2 fresh carrots

● 2 slices of pineapple

● 1 apple

Put all the ingredients in the blender and process them completely.

3. Citrus juice

This juice is essential to combat fluid retention in the body. It also helps to eliminate body fat and provides vitamins A, B, C, and minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium and iron.


● The juice of 1 lemon

● 3 oranges

● 2 spinach leaves

● Half chopped papaya

Put all the ingredients in the blender and blend them until they are completely liquid. It is key to drink this juice for a full month.

4. Juice removes fat

This perfect smoothie is ideal for detoxifying the body, reducing a few inches and providing minerals and amino acids to the body.


● 1 cup of melon

● 1 cup pineapple

● 2 tablespoons ginger

● 1 cup of milk

● Ice to taste

Blend the ingredients completely and you will get a refreshing drink. Take it every day on an empty stomach.

5. Juice to cleanse the intestine

This juice helps to effectively cleanse your intestine, fight constipation, and balance the overall functioning of your body.


● 1 apple

● 1 money

● ¼ de hinojo (diuretic plant)

● 1 glass of water

Cut the peel of the apple and the pear, followed by this, put the ingredients in the blender and process them completely. Drink the juice every after lunch.

6. Juice for stomach detoxification

At certain times of the year we can have digestive ailments but we do not know what causes it or how to solve them naturally and effectively.

A great option is to drink this juice that will help you cleanse and protect the body by strengthening the digestive system.


● The juice of 1 lemon

● 2 slices of papaya

● 1 glass of water

After cutting the papaya into pieces and squeezing the lemon, place all the ingredients in the blender until the juice has the texture you prefer. It is important to take it three times a week.

7. Juice to cleanse the skin

Juices like this help cleanse the body internally and externally, remove toxins and vitamins, and provide a high dose of minerals and antioxidants.


● 1 carrot

● 1 apple

● 1 beet

● 1 cucumber

● Water

Thoroughly wash the ingredients, put them in the blender (there is no need to strain them) and consume the mixture immediately. It is recommended to drink it every day.

8. Juice to eliminate gastritis

Gastritis is a constant pain in the stomach, usually the result of an injury, which prevents us from eating certain foods that can be irritating.

Although this drink is not so pleasant, we assure you that it will help reduce pain considerably.


● 1 Nevada potato or 3 Creole potatoes

● 1 glass of water

All you have to do is cut the potato into some pieces and mash it with the glass of water in the blender. It is necessary to be constant with this drink and take it on an empty stomach for 20 days until your pain decreases or disappears.

9. Juice to eliminate headaches

As you may have already noticed in the previous juices, pineapple is an essential food thanks to its diuretic properties and the amount of fiber it provides. However, we want to emphasize the benefits it brings for migraines or headaches.

At least once a day you can consume this shake that will also help you stay hydrated and improve digestion.


● 2 slices of fresh pineapple

● 1 glass of water

● 1 tablespoon quinoa

Leave the quinoa in the glass of water overnight, followed by this, add the ingredients to the blender along with the pineapple and blend until you have the desired consistency.

10. Healing juice

This juice will allow you to keep the body clean and prevent toxins from accumulating in it that facilitate weight gain.

It is important to remember that detoxification is also accompanied by good nutrition.


● 1 stalk of celery

● 1 beet

● 2 carrots

● Half a glass of water

First wash and peel the skin of all the ingredients, followed by this, place them in the blender or in an extractor and dissolve them completely until you find the desired consistency.

Drink a glass of this juice after every meal for a week.

We must avoid the consumption of medications as much as possible when having minor discomfort in our body. Opting for natural options like these shakes can improve our quality of life and contribute to the correctness of our body.

Likewise, it is essential to avoid alcoholic beverages and improve our eating habits because, although these juices are a great help, their consumption must be accompanied by healthy lifestyles.


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