No one wants to spend days reading a random book, only to realize it is not what they expected and quit in the middle. You want to keep going, as you have already wasted lots of time, but is it really worth wasting even more time if the book is not too good? This is when Dr. Arnaude Cocaul comes in to make your life easier.

Known for its exquisite and unbiased reviews on ebooks, Dr. Arnaude Cocaul has become an authority in this industry. His reviews point out the best aspects of particular ebooks, as well as the negatives. There are no spoilers and no random words of appreciation, but just honest reviews to help readers make more informed decisions.


About Dr. Arnaude Cocaul COF


Dr. Arnaude Cocaul was born in 1973. His father – a professor – was an avid reader, so they had a massive library at home. His mother – a researcher – inspired the future doctor to invest time in reading and learning on a continuous basis.

His schooling years saw an avid learner. The young student used to finish a summer holiday literature within the first few weeks, only to expand his horizons and continue with novels out of the program. He was one of the most appreciated and prolific students in his teenage years.

While his parents covered two different academical fields, it was impossible for a young student to fail in finding a path in life when coming from such a family. By the time he finished high school, he had his options straight – the medical school would have been a great choice for the future, while literature was his initial passion.

His dedication to reading and reviewing books transferred to the online field later on, as he is currently focused on more convenient ebooks.


Diving in

Dr. Arnaude Cocaul studied at the University of Arizona, Phoenix and graduated from the College of Medicine. His education went further, as he undertook a few different specialist courses. At the same time, just like most other jobs in this industry, he keeps educating himself in the attempt to stay updated to the latest innovations.

While medicine is certainly the field he wanted to succeed in (and actually managed to), literature remains his biggest passion. His library comprises of all kinds of books – from scientific reports and journals to science fiction and mystery novels.

To a lot of people, it might seem a little unusual for a doctor to be able to review books. While he does not have any specialty studies in literature, he has always been fond of this field. Dr. Arnaude Cocaul enjoys reading ebooks of all kinds and reviews them for his audience to get a clue about what to expect.

Furthermore, over the past few years, he has released a few ebooks himself – some of them with medical purposes, while others are pure novels.

The transition from classic hardcover books to ebooks was fairly smooth. In a world where people want convenience and everything at their disposal, he figured that ebooks would dominate the future. No one can deny the lovely feeling of holding a book and reading on a hot summer day in a garden, yet ebooks are all about flexibility and modern trends.

Dr. Arnaude Cocaul spends time reading at home while commuting or traveling. Despite his successful venture in medicine, the passion for reading makes him a trustworthy source among ebook readers. His reviews are straight to the point and leave no room for interpretations – no fancy words, polite compliments or random opinions, but open-minded and straight considerations.


Awards and Recognitions


Dr. Arnaude Cocaul has received a plethora of awards over the years. Apart from his medical achievements in university, his medical publications have gained notoriety in this field and were featured in a plethora of journals. His research work is often referred to, but also used as the structure for more advanced research. His articles were published in The BMJ, JAMA, The American Journal of Medicine, Clinical Science and Journal of Medical Case Reports, among many others. He was named the most innovative doctor of the decade by The New England Journal of Medicine in 2015.

His ebook reviews were not overlooked either. Often seen as a side passion, his dedication to accuracy and professionalism got his reviews published by a series of specialized websites. Whether it comes to medical or general books, his work has always benefited from a positive response from his audience. Many blogs out there still refer to his reviews when describing certain works.

These Days

These days, Dr. Arnaude Cocaul does what he has always been good at. He pursues a growing medical career and keeps educating himself on the newest innovations. He practices as a doctor, but he also conducts regular research on sensitive cases and diseases. His research work is published every once in a while. Every once in a while, he is invited to speak at various medical conferences and introduce his research to the audience.

In terms of ebook writing and reviewing, he is still an avid reader. He is currently working on a few ebooks – a novel and a medical presentation, which are due to be released next year. At the same time, the prestigious doctor sticks to reviewing some of the most popular pieces of art out there. His reviews represent a good starting point for those who are not sure whether they should invest time in certain ebooks.

Those who attend medical conferences and presentations should not be surprised to see the doctor’s name among special guests or speakers. He will often show up and speak around the USA and Canada, yet he has honored a few invitations in Europe as well.

Described by many as a modern entrepreneur active in multiple fields, Dr. Arnaude Cocaulsees himself as a professional who simply does what he likes the most.


How He Does It

Dr. Arnauds Cocaul road to success was paved by two aspects – hard work and passion. He used hard work to obtain significant results in a professional field that he was always fond of – medicine. Becoming a doctor is hard. Becoming a reputable one is even harder.

At the same time, he combines hard work with passion. Otherwise, he would not have become the famous researcher he is today. His work is ongoing and leads to major results every few years. His passion drove his thirst for ebooks as well. Not only does he love reading, but he enjoys sharing his experience and points of view with others. He aims to help people make more informed decisions in terms of what they are writing.

Dr. Arnaude Cocaul dedication is visible whenever he steps on a stage to hold a speech. People can tell that he knows what he is talking about, as he is one of those people who simply inspire others with their drive.

Bottom Line

In the end, Dr. Arnaude Cocaul reputation is based on crystal clear results. Some see him as a doctor, while others see him as an entrepreneur. But then, just like he loves to say, passion is what keeps the world moving.

About Dr. Arnaude Cocaul

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