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What Foods Are High In Leptin?

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      What is Leptin and How does it work?   Leptin is a hormone also known as the fullness hormone. Leptin plays a vital role in the body as it turns on metabolism. It signals the brain to convert food into energy and also stops you from eating by making you full. Higher

Dietary Supplements: What is the Leptitox nutrition supplement?


Dr. Arnaude Cocaul  is a leading figure in the medical field, but his expertise goes beyond his academical skills. He pursues a second career as an ebook writer, as well as prolific reviewer of others’ work. He was featured in medical journals, blogs and literature publications due to his reviews. Learn More     Many people

Leptin and Leptin Resistance: Everything You Need to Know

          Many people believe that weight gain and loss is all about calories and willpower. However, modern obesity research disagrees. Scientists increasingly say that a hormone called leptin is involved (1Trusted Source). Leptin resistance, in which your body does not respond to this hormone, is now believed to be the leading

Leptitox Review By Claudia Rocio | The Benefits & Side Effect

  Claudia is a Canadian dietitian and nutrition expert who now lives in Austin. She works from our headquarters and assists the team by providing key insights and excerpt inputs when it comes to diet and food intake. She finished with her bachelor’s degree in 2008, and currently, she is pursuing a master’s degree in

Dietary Supplements: What You Need to Know

    The majority of adults in the United States take one or more dietary supplements either every day or occasionally. Today’s dietary supplements include vitamins, minerals, herbals and botanicals, amino acids, enzymes, and many other products. Dietary supplements come in a variety of forms: traditional tablets, capsules, and powders, as well as drinks and