How to Eliminate cellulite legs and buttocks

Do you dream of showing off  perfect, rounded, firm buttocks without cellulite   ? It is possible, as long as you know the right fitness exercises, the ones that will allow you to achieve the butt of your dreams. To help you achieve your goal, here are several tips  to get rid of cellulite on the buttocks.


Exercises to eliminate cellulite on the buttocks

We present the  6 best exercises  to fight cellulite in the buttocks and effectively strengthen the muscles.

The inverted bridge

eliminate cellulite in the gluteal bridge

This movement will help you develop your glutes, transverse and rectus abdominis, and even your back!

Lie on your back, with your legs bent, your feet about 8 inches from your buttocks and shoulder-width apart.

Then lift your pelvis off the floor, until your thighs, pelvis, and trunk are aligned. Contract your abs and glutes. Hold the position for a few seconds and then repeat.

Remember to breathe out when you contract and breathe in when you relax.



Donkey kicks, essential to eliminate cellulite on the buttocks

remove cellulite on the buttocks donkey kicks

We start on all fours, with our hands at shoulder height and our knees vertical to the pelvis. Then we start by slightly lifting our knees off the ground, leaning on our toes. To use your abs properly, your knees must no longer touch the floor during the exercise.

Then alternately perform rear leg extensions. Be careful not to lift your leg too high to protect your back. Breathe out when you straighten your leg and breathe in when you fold it back.




eliminate cellulite in the clefts of the buttocks

Still standing with your legs hip-width apart, your back straight, and your hands on your waist, take a big step forward.

Then bend your front leg 90 °. Then push with your leg to return to the starting position.

Switch legs and start over.


Squats, essential to eliminate cellulite in the buttocks

remove cellulite on the buttocks squats

It is the exercise most performed by fitness fans. And for good reason: it is tremendously effective in   eliminating cellulite on the buttocks ! It is also one of the  exercises to increase glutes quickly

Spread your legs at the hips and bend your knees, pulling your butt back as you descend.

The principle of  squats  : lower slowly and rise faster. Don’t dig your back and keep your weight on your heels! Variations: Feel free to carry a weight in your hands or jump in the air between each squat.



Fire hydrant

remove cellulite on fire hydrant buttocks

Get on all fours, with your hands on the ground respecting the same distance as the width of the shoulders and the same for the hips and knees. Then open your right leg to the side: the inner thigh should be parallel to the floor. Tighten the abdominal strap and contract your thighs well, then bring your leg back without moving your hips. Repeat the movement.

Raised lunges, your allies to eliminate cellulite in the buttocks

Eliminate cellulite on the buttocks

Take a weight in each hand and use a chair or bench for your feet. Place one foot on the bench, turn your back to it, and place the other foot firmly on the floor for balance. Keep your back straight. Bend both legs and lower yourself, contracting your glutes. Go up slowly. Then do the same, changing legs.



Anti-cellulite massage for firm buttocks

massage against cellulite on the buttocks

And to complete your exercise routine, nothing better than an  anti-cellulite massage  , for well-formed buttocks freed from cellulite. Doing nothing is the help of the  wind  ouse  against cellulite  , easy to use and perfectly reproduce the  rolling massages  . 

  • Use a   suitable massage oil to perform a palpate-roll.
  • You can completely opt for one of our anti-cellulite oils: Cold Toning Anti- Cellulite  Oil  , which acts by the cold to dislodge  cellulite  and tone the skin,  Massage Oil  , which drains excess water and Stimulates microcirculation or  cellulite regenerating oil  , which firms the skin and eliminates toxins overnight.
  • Cover your buttocks with a little oil of your choice.
  • Take your super suction cup and massage each of your buttocks for 3 minutes, in small circular movements. The suction effect of the suction cup will drain the fat cells from your fat, while the gliding of the suction cup will drain excess fat, for better removal. As for the microcirculation, it will be stimulated by this probe.
  • Follow this firm glutes routine for about twenty days and see the positive results on cellulite on your glutes.


Anti-cellulite treatments in addition to massages

anti-cellulite treatment

To increase the benefits of massaging your buttocks, nothing better than a  skincare routine   ! But beware, it must be easy to do and above all, guarantee good results. If you want to eliminate the cellulite that spreads your buttocks, we recommend:

  • Start your skincare routine in the shower,   gently exfoliating your skin. Our  Cellulite Scrub  , enriched with caffeine anti-cellulite and micro-pimple exfoliating, is applied in no time. On damp skin, gently massage your buttocks in small circles, just for a few minutes. Then rinse. The skin is clean, free of dead cells, very soft!
  • Bet on a 100% toning cryogenic treatment! The  Cold Cream against Cellulite will  reproduce the benefits of cryotherapy on the cellulite of your buttocks. These refreshing natural active ingredients will activate lipolysis in your cellulite, such as  cryolipolysis. Under the effect of the cold, your body will take advantage of its fat reserves. Cellulite will decrease over time. Your buttocks firmer, softer, as if they were lifted!


Anti-cellulite foods: which ones to favor?

Without an eye on your diet, cellulite is likely to develop, even on your butt. No matter ! By choosing  healthy foods  , you can limit breakages!

  • Apuesta por las proteínas , sobre todo si estás siguiendo con diligencia una rutina deportiva, como la descrita anteriormente. Los músculos de los glúteos necesitan proteínas para desarrollarse. Para un buen trasero, sin celulitis, apostamos por las proteínas magras, a través de carnes blancas y pescados. Pero no nos saltamos las proteínas vegetales , fácilmente asimilables por el organismo, como la soja, las legumbres y los frutos secos.
  • ¡Come verduras  ! Son ricas en fibra y agua, excelentes contra la retención de agua. Tenga cuidado con el exceso de verduras crudas, que a veces son difíciles de digerir. Apuesta por una cocción suave, para aprovechar las vitaminas y minerales con los que están llenos: al vapor, salteados con un poco de grasa, a la plancha, en sopa.
  • No omita los carbohidratos , prefiera los cereales integrales y limite su consumo a 1 o 2 veces al día como máximo. Lo ideal: no comer azúcares lentos en la cena, que deben mantenerse ligeros.
  • Añade grasas buenas a tu dieta (aguacate, pescado graso, aceite de oliva y colza) y productos lácteos de calidad (queso blanco y fresco, leche de cabra y oveja).
  • Finalmente, beba agua , a razón de 1,5 a 2 litros por día. Y si eres propenso a la retención de agua , apuesta por los efectos beneficiosos de las bebidas drenantes, como el té verde , las infusiones detox , o incluso nuestro Escurridor de Celulitis . Compuesto por té verde y guaraná, planta quema grasas de la Amazonía, estimulará el buen drenaje de toxinas y desechos que taponan tu organismo y evitarán que pierdas la celulitis. Una cura de un mes, a razón de 20 ml de escurridor diluido en agua, te ayudará a deshacerte de la celulitis.

Este reequilibrio de alimentos debería permitirle encontrar glúteos hermosos , más tonificados, menos propensos a la celulitis.

To eliminate cellulite on the buttocks, these exercises are very good allies! However, if you really want your orange peel to disappear, it  is essential to combine it with palpated and rolled massages. Only these massages can destroy the fatty deposits responsible for cellulite and settle in depth. To ensure effective roller massages, grab your Cellublue Suction Cup. Thanks to its suction effect, it allows you to eliminate cellulite easily and quickly!


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