Home remedies with nivea cream to increase buttocks

Nivea cream to increase the buttocks Is it true or just a myth? Today we will see why women use Nivea cream on the buttocks, also the benefits of Niviea cream in this special area of ​​the body, why it increases the buttocks and, of course, how to grow the buttocks with Nivea cream.


The relationship between Nivea cream and buttock augmentation is a reality now shared by hundreds of women, who claim that it is an effective home remedy for buttock growth.


What is the level of the buttocks for?


Is it true that Nivea cream increases buttocks or is it another beauty myth? Well, the testimonials say that it is possible that Nivea cream can be used for buttock augmentation due to its ingredients that provide healthier skin, denoting firmness and creating a lifting and lifting effect.


But to help you have a bigger and rounder butt with this home remedy for buttock augmentation ; you will also need 10 capsules of vitamin E and two tablespoons of olive oil.


Remedy 1: 


Nivea cream

10 vitamin E capsules

two spoons of olive oil.



Pour the oil and the contents of the capsules into the 200 ml Nivea Blue Tin Cream. Mix the ingredients inside the small container or on another surface until you get a homogeneous substance.

The use of this homemade cream is not enough since it is mandatory to start a specialized training routine for the buttocks. This way you will help your body to tighten the buttocks


So, is it true that Nivea cream increases the buttocks ? Yes, it is technically to the extent of your perseverance and the combination with exercise and a correct diet for your goal.



What is the purpose of the Nivea cream on the buttocks?

Nivea cream is a formula with more than 100 years in the family care market, which hydrates and protects all skin types.

In addition to its other uses as a makeup remover, on hair, knees, elbows and lips, Nivea cream is used to enhance the buttocks because its nourishing and moisturizing ingredients are absorbed into the skin in this muscular area.


How is Nivea’s buttock enhancing cream used?


 Apply Nivea Blue Canned Butt Cream Mix (with olive oil and vitamin E) to your buttocks and legs every day before you leave home.

✅ Do not wear underwear for 5 minutes to allow the skin to absorb the substance, then wear something tight that lifts your buttocks.

✅ Repeat the procedure at night after showering or before sleeping. Massage your buttocks to stimulate its blood supply and restore firmness and tone to the area.

✅ Do not worry about using the Nivea Cream to lift the buttocks a lot because its formula is harmless, so it does not cause an adverse reaction on sensitive skin.


Benefits of Nivea cream on the buttocks

✅ The use of the nivea cream to increase your buttocks; It will make your buttocks look fuller and firmer, after only 3 weeks of using this butt lift home remedy , this is the average time claimed by thousands of testimonials who have already used it.

✅ Do not forget to combine the use of the cream with specific exercises. It’s not a miracle product, keep that in mind, but it can help greatly improve the fuller, firmer look of a hyper glute.


Nivea and Omega 3 cream to increase buttocks

Nivea cream is also combined with omega 3 oil; This homemade cream is not only used to lift and increase the buttocks; but also to reaffirm, hydrate and prevent stretch marks in the same area, if you have sudden changes and sudden loss of a lot of sacrificed fat.


On the other hand, I will tell you that a long time ago I lost a lot of body fat and among it the fat from my buttocks, yes, I thought it would not go away and I would have a good size; but to my surprise I found myself without buttocks, this led me to dabble in effective methods and workouts to increase the glutes and here is part of my result.


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This article is informative and the information has been compiled based on several people who claim to have had a positive change in their buttocks; It doesn’t hurt to try this NON-INVASIVE option on your body and tell us what your experience or changes have been. Here we all learn from each other, we are a community.


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