15 Home remedies for cellulite

Cellulite is dimpled skin that commonly occurs in the thigh region. It forms when fatty tissue in the skin presses against connective tissue.

It is estimated that more than  85 percent of all women over the age of 21 have cellulite. It is not that common in men.

Cellulite can develop on the thighs because the area naturally has more fatty tissue. Other risk factors for the development of cellulite include:

  • years
  • estrogen
  • Family history
  • inflammation of the tissues
  • increased fat tissue caused by weight gain
  • loss of collagen
  • poor circulation (a common problem in the legs).
  • poor lymphatic drainage.
  • thinning of the epidermis (outer layer of the skin).

In terms of your overall health, there is nothing wrong with having cellulite. However, many people want to reduce their appearance.

There are a number of home remedies and exercises that promise to do just that, but the key is to determine if these solutions really live up to expectations.


Home remedies for cellulite

Lotion with grapefruit juice

Vitamin C is always a good ally for skincare, both ingested and applied directly to the skin.

That is why a good remedy against cellulite in your day-to-day and also after the coffee scrub is a lotion made from grapefruit, lemon, and coconut oil.

A home treatment with which in addition to ending cellulite, you will be able to stimulate collagen production and provide luminosity.

You will need a grapefruit, a few drops of lemon juice, and 7 tablespoons of coconut oil.

Squeeze the grapefruit and add the rest of the ingredients until well emulsified.

Store it in the fridge and apply it four times a week at night.



Avocado bone-based mask

Avocado  is also a good ally to fight cellulite thanks to its rich in vitamin E and oils.

Now that it is considered a ‘superfood’ with this mask you will take advantage of it in its entirety, and thus avoid throwing the bone.

Its seed is precisely the main element of this mask that we will prepare by grating 4 avocado bones with the thick part of a grater, to which we will add 2 tablespoons of almond oil.

We let the mixture rest for three days in a cool, dark place. After this time, mix it well until it forms a paste that you can store in the fridge.

This mask should be applied after showering with hot water, since having open pores will facilitate the absorption of the avocado’s nutrients.

Massage gently for 10 minutes in a clockwise direction and rinse with cold water, which will help tighten the pores and firm the skin.


Green clay wrap

Green clay is the best ally for facial skin problems and also for cellulite.

Try making a partial wrap out of green clay that you can buy at a herbalist.

Mix a small amount with warm water to form a dough that allows you to make a plaster and spread over the area.

Leave on for 20 minutes and rinse with cold water. You can apply this treatment at least once a week.

Anti-Cellulite Creams With Caffeine, Glaucine Or Red Algae

Another trick that also works is caffeine as an active that stimulates lipolysis. therefore, nothing like applying anti-cellulite creams with these ingredients.

Halle Berry uses caffeine-rich coffee grounds as an anti-cellulite scrub for firmer skin.

And according to Carmen Navarro, other active ingredients such as glaucine also stimulate the destruction of adipocytes and cabin treatments such as Adipologie with high intensity and low frequency ultrasounds that provide firmness from the inside.



Drink a lot of water:

Water, I love you, water …

We all know the benefits of water, and we are largely water after all …

Drink 2 glasses of water on an empty stomach and throughout the day increase your water intake. This will help eliminate waste from the body (toxins and fats).


Coffee scrub

The coffee scrub is one of the best home remedies for orange peel, as coffee has properties that improve blood circulation. It is very easy, you just have to follow the following steps:

  • Mix half a cup of ground coffee with a quarter cup of brown sugar until you get a paste-like consistency.
  • Apply the paste on the area with cellulite making circular movements for several minutes. Along with this, you can apply olive oil.
  • Rinse the scrub off in the shower with lukewarm water.

Use this method two or three times a week to achieve the expected results.


Dry Brush

Brushing the affected area daily with natural bristles improves blood and lymphatic circulation, eliminating toxins from the body that may be causing cellulite.

It should always be brushed going towards the heart and in circular movements, although these should be gentle since otherwise we run the risk of irritating the skin. With this you will be able to eliminate dead cells and also excess liquid.



Did you know that consuming the wrong type of fat leads to an imbalance in the skin that encourages the appearance of orange peel skin? Therefore, it is advisable to consume omega-3 fatty acids as it helps reduce cellulite over time. Without a doubt, a change in diet is the first step towards healthier skin. We are what we eat.



The enzymes in papaya favor the elimination of dead skin cells and the production of collagen. It works as an exfoliator that helps reduce the appearance of cellulite.

What you have to do is mash half a papaya until it is a puree and add a tablespoon of brown sugar. Mix everything well until there is a kind of paste and massage the affected areas with it for five minutes.


Apple vinager

The nutritional compositions of apple cider vinegar help fight cellulite because it contains ingredients that reduce its appearance. What you have to do is mix three teaspoons of this vinegar in a quarter glass of water and apply it to the affected area by massaging it. If you are consistent, over time you will see improvements.




Do not forget that your diet is also essential and that you must reduce salt, incorporate foods rich in potassium and drink water to combat cellulite. “Many times we forget that foods rich in vitamin C help strengthen capillaries and other foods favor your detox and purifying function such as artichoke and pineapple,” says Navarro.


Do not hold specific positions for a long time:

Cross your legs, stay seated …

One of the worst things about cellulite is lack of circulation. We have to promote free blood circulation and venous return. If we cross our legs frequently or sit for a long time, the lymph nodes become blocked, making circulation difficult.

Avoid these poses for long periods of time. Get up, take a break, find another work zone, whatever gets you out of staying static.


Losing weight may also help some overweight and obese people reduce cellulite. Losing excess body fat can naturally reduce the appearance of cellulite.

However, anyone of any weight can get cellulite. It is not limited to just those who are overweight or obese.

We have prepared the best exercises to eliminate cellulite. 


There is no way to prevent cellulite, according to the  American Society for Dermatologic Surgery. It is a very common condition. The risk increases with age and certain lifestyle factors.

Although you can’t control your age, you can make some lifestyle changes that can help reduce the amount of cellulite on your thighs. These changes can include things like regular exercise and a nutritious diet.

Talk to your dermatologist if you are interested in professional procedures to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Some treatments, such as laser therapy, can help, but will not completely remove cellulite from the thighs.


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