The Cinderella Solution User Experience

If you’re trying to find a weight loss program designed solely for ladies, then you would like to undertake the Cinderella solution This weight-loss program is back-geared specifically toward ladies. It helps your body regulate your natural hormones, like internal secretion, adrenal cortical steroid and sex hormone so as to maximize weight loss and fat reduction.

Most weight loss plans are back-geared toward men. They need high-impact, androgen driven sweat plans that simply aren’t designed for a lady. So, author of the Cinderella solution, Carly Donovan, thought it absolutely was time to return up with a weight loss set up for ladies, by women.

Who is Carly Donovan?


Carly Donovan has been a pioneer within the weight loss business for over ten years. She is aware of what it wishes to fight the battle of the bulge herself. She accustomed to being overweight. when making an attempt almost weight loss set up on the market, she set to try and do some analysis.


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She found that girls in different countries, like Japan and the European nation, didn’t suffer identical we tend tonight issues we neutralize the remainder of the planet. She determined to seek out their secret. Once she did, she wrote the Cinderella solution therefore, she may share her secret formula with the remainder of the planet.

What is Cinderella Solution?



The Cinderella solution may be a 28-day weight-loss program designed specifically for ladies. It includes 2 phases: The Ignite part and also the Launch part. every part is fourteen days long. They’re comprised of meal plans that place confidence in sure food combos so as to maximize weight loss and fat reduction.

Carly found that girls in different elements of the planet were able to eat foods high in calories, fat, and carbohydrates while not gaining weight. She discovered that it wasn’t the foods these ladies were intake that was key. it absolutely was the mixture of foods.

She places along with food set up for ladies trying to slim down. She combined this with a delicate, low-impact sweat commit to coming back up with an efficient weight-loss and fat reduction program.

How will the Program Work?


The Cinderella solution may be a 28-day program created from 2 phases. you begin with the Ignite part. It’s fourteen days of intake three meals daily. These meals ar custom written by the author of the program. It utilizes the food combos tested to manage your natural hormones and assist you slim down.

The second part is that the Launch part. throughout this part, you’ll fancy four meals daily. Each meal, again, is meant specifically with the special food combos in mind. These ar identical food combos that Carly Donovan accustomed lose eighty-four pounds over 10 years past.

What are the Special Food Combinations?


Some of these special food combos include:

Mint and tea leaf
Ricotta and berries
Apples and chocolate
Fish and garlic
Greek food and sweet potatoes
The meal plans are designed victimization these food combos and plenty of others. These combos are tested to assist boost your metabolism and assist you slim down.

A Digital Program is Simple and Convenient to Use

What heaps of girls love regarding the Cinderella solution is that it’s digital. You don’t carry around any books or flashcards. All you would like is your cellular phone or hand-held device.

You can access it right from your portable computer, phone or iPad. If you favor the written weight-loss set up, it will go along with printable PDF.

The Cinderella program includes an Associate in Nursing ex gratia sweat set up. These sweat videos are out there right on-line. They’re all regarding 8-20 minutes long. They’re designed for ladies and embrace solely mild and low impact sequencing.

Who can purchase the Cinderella Solution?



Carly Donovan designed the Cinderella program for ladies of all ages. whether or not you’re in your 20s or 80s, this program could also be simply the issue you’ve been trying to find.

If you wish to slim down while not following a strict diet, you’ll love the Cinderella solution

It’s excellent for the following:


People who have tried to slim down the standard manner while not an abundant success.
Women United Nations agency have lost weight before however gained it all back (and then some).
People who hate to count calories.
Women trying to find quick results.
Women United Nations agency isn’t trying to plan to a semipermanent weight loss set up.
People who don’t wish to eat a raw vegetable.

What Makes the Cinderella solution Different?

The author wrote the Cinderella solution as a result of she wished to supply ladies their own manner of losing weight. She was bored with look ladies battle their weight over and once more with identical results.

So, she created a program that allows you to slim down while not count calories or intake meals out of cardboard boxes. And, whereas the program will supply over fifty sweat videos, you don’t need to use them if you’re not prepared.

The Cinderella program was written specifically for ladies. it’s distinctive in this it works by targeting the natural hormones in a very woman’s body. These hormones, like internal secretion, adrenal cortical steroid, and strogen, impact weight loss and fat reduction.

Here are some of the 4 best reasons to choose Cinderella Solution as follows:

  • Healthier Body: Cinderella Solution provides you series of recipes. It allows you to prepare tasty and nutritious meals. You will easily able to get a healthier body.
  • Weight Loss: This program allows you to get rid of unwanted body fat easily and effectively.
  • Clinically Reliable: You will receive all the tips, information, and advice from this handbook. It completely depends on comprehensive medical research and scientific evidence.
  • Works For Everyone: The ultimate thing about this program is that it is suitable for all the obese woman.


How Fast Will it Work?


The Cinderella solution works quick. You’ll begin seeing leads to as very little as 28 days. That’s what’s therefore nice regarding the program. If you aren’t proud of the results you see when one month, you’ll strive it once more and once more.

What will the Program Include?


The Cinderella Program is out there for simply $37. For this worth, you get access to the total program.

Your program comes with the following:


Cinderella answer Main Manual – this can be a manual that explains the science behind weight loss. It conjointly explains however hormones acquire play once you’re making an attempt to slim down.

Quick begin Guide – this can be a cheat sheet for the program. If you don’t desire reading the whole manual, you’ll reference the fast begin Guide to begin losing weight promptly.

Cinderella University Book – this can be a book that explains the culprits behind weight gain and fat.

Movement Sequencing Guide – The program comes with ex gratia sweat plans. The Movement Sequencing Guide helps you perceive the sweat facet of the program.
Bonus Daily nutritionary Blueprint – during this bonus material, Carly Donovan, the creator of the Cinderella answer, describes, in detail, each step she took on her own weight-loss journey of eighty-four pounds.




If you’re a lady trying to find a program specifically designed for ladies, this could be the answer (pun supposed.) It works quickly and you’ll repeat the 28-day program as usually as you’d like.


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