Benefits of Vaseline to increase Buttocks

Vaseline to Increase Buttocks  Does it work? What is it for? What are its benefits? Among the  creams to increase buttocks  that circulate on the web, learn how to apply it and we will reveal to you if it is TRUE or MYTH to lift and increase the buttocks.

Vaseline is a mixture of saturated hydrocarbons used in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, as a base for creams and as a lubricant, among many other uses. But,  is  Vaseline useful to increase buttocks?  Let’s find out.


Benefits of Vaseline on the Buttocks

Vaseline is one of the creams that provides nutrients necessary for the cellular repair of our skin, especially the buttocks.

A good diet with proteins and based on a super plus of carbohydrates, is also an essential factor for this, in this case, to have bigger and rounder buttocks.

With  Vaseline to increase buttocks  you will gain a butt with more apparent volume because it will make the dermis in that area look healthier, due to the components absorbed by the skin of the buttocks.

The buttocks will gradually begin to have a more robust appearance, an effect that must be reinforced with a good diet and exercises focused on that area.

We must understand that Vaseline on the buttocks is not a miracle cream with special gifts to forge dream buttocks, but if they add a little more to improve their appearance, the more resources you use to improve your buttocks, the more notable the benefits will be.


What is Vaseline for the Buttocks?

The use of  petroleum jelly to increase buttocks  and other creams for this purpose such as  Nivea Cream and olive oil , makes the skin always hydrated and obtaining the nutrients it needs to improve its tone, elasticity and texture. These are very important for women who take care of aesthetics and seek to avoid the  appearance of stretch marks on the buttocks.


Does petroleum jelly work to increase the buttocks? 

Although science still does not confirm it but does not deny it either, Vaseline is not only able to help increase the size of the buttocks apparently, also to make the breasts bigger, according to testimonies of many women. So there is nothing wrong with using  petroleum jelly to increase your buttocks .

Despite the many positive results,  buttock augmentation petroleum jelly  is just the beginning to gaining a beautiful butt without surgery.

The Vaseline method  to grow buttocks  must be accompanied by a good diet advised by a nutritionist and a specialized routine of exercises for buttocks prepared by a personal trainer. Vaseline is not magic! Remember it is a sum of actions …

Consistency and patience are also necessary for Vaseline to be effective. Desperate for immediate results will do no good.


How to apply Vaseline on the Buttocks?

Using  petroleum jelly to increase buttocks  is easy.

First, mix this remedy to increase buttocks with 3 drops or 3 capsules of the following essential oils (omega 3 priority):

  1. Lavender.
  2. Coconut oil.
  3. Omega 3 (3 capsules)
  4. Anise.
  5. Fennel.
  6. Almonds
  7. Vitamin E.

Spread the mixture on the buttocks with a circular massage for 2 minutes and repeat the procedure every night for at least 30 days. You will notice very noticeable changes in the aesthetics of the buttocks.

Many women say that within the second week of starting this “Vaseline method to increase buttocks , they noticed the first results. Minimal, but results in the end.

To accompany the procedure and make it effective in less time, it is recommended to ingest  fenugreek seeds in tea or pills . These nuggets have phytoestrogen, a component similar to estrogen.

It will also help to wear well-fitting clothing for certain periods to keep your buttocks lifted and look better.

I am sure that with this short but effective explanation you learned how to use Vaseline to increase the buttocks and the truth behind the myth.

On the other hand, I will tell you that a long time ago I lost a lot of body fat and among it the fat from my buttocks, yes, I thought that it would not go away and I would have a good size, but to my surprise I was left without buttocks, this led me to dabble in methods and effective training to increase the buttocks and here is part of my result.



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