What Does Your Favourite Nail Polish Colour Say About Your Personality?

Manicure maniacs, ever paused to wonder what insight a person’s polish might provide into their personality? If you think about it, the conscious decision to tint your talons this colour or that is as deliberate a reflection of your disposition as say, selecting a sexy stiletto over a more practical pump.

Of course, commonsensical caveats apply. If you’re using this to calibrate someone’s character, bear in mind that this fun little exercise is (obviously) not grounded in hard science, and shouldn’t sub for actual interaction with said individual.



A nude mani is sort of like the Carven or Celine of cosmetics: Stealth splendor at its most sumptuous and sublime. By extension, the wearer is probably placid but not a pushover; refined and respectable; and subtle in the sexiest way possible.

Oh yeah, one more thing. Those of the nude polish persuasion may also read as being suggestive in a knowing, winking way – I mean, raise of hands, please, anyone who’s with me in finding nude nails a titanic turn-on. Have fun getting naked!


If you’re into monochrome manicures, odds are you’re a blazer-clad boardroom warrior with a spunky edge that’s all your own. This Sin City sheen is perhaps shown off best with a shimmery topcoat: throw in a hyper-cool holographic overlay and you’ve got yourself a futuristic intergalactic theme – perfect for a midnight screening of Star Wars with your starstruck lover-boy.


Congrats, you’re a vermilion vixen and you’ve got the talons to show for it. The most loaded of lacquers, slapping on a scarlet shade signals strength and seduction in equal measure. Consider going the whole hog (or it that the whole hue) and try doing the matchy-matchy thing; a Jessica Rabbit red will really pop on your feet – and play up the soles of your Loubies.


The wearer of white is swanky but not stuffy; think Rooney Mara or the Olsen twins. Now, speaking of Mary-Kate and Ashley, The Row is, to me at least, the label of choice for white manicured maidens: If you’re an appreciator of austere alabaster hues, chances are you’ll lean towards luxury and “lady-dom”.

On a more practical note, this wake-me-up hue will make your nails look like your own, only better; an opaque off-white eggshell will mask any blemishes on your nail bed. White nails also make for a clean counterpoint to any contemporary silhouette. A white nail is just so deliciously delightful as an all-year accent in the torrid tropics we call home: Think of the cool pop of colour white polish will provide when paired with a breezy blue blouse, for instance.

Having said that, a wee caveat is in order. Unless you’re explicitly gunning for an “editorial” look, stay well away from matte white formulas. These can look “flat” at best … or like you’ve had way too much fun with correction fluid at worst. Instead, opt for an opalescent ivory shot through with a smidgen of salmon or silver; this not-quite-white white lends a lovely luminosity that’s pretty without being peacockish (like me!)


It’s official: We’re giving you the green light to flaunt your green thumbs. A glazed green gloss on your fingertips makes for such a fresh and flirtatious statement – you’re young, you’re daring, you’re driving with the top down … you’re Taylor Swift mixed in with a dash of Kylie Jenner!

Here’s how to nail the most lust-worthy lacquer in my beauty books. Dispense with the #NailArt embellishments and use a single solid hue – less mess, less stress – and keep your nail bed neatly trimmed and nicely rounded. Green is most definitely not the shade for a “stiletto” silhouette; you’ll run the risk of looking like a witchy extra from “Wicked”


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