What your lipstick colour says about you

Basically, we often judge someone on their physique and on their way of showcasing themselves. Wouldn’t the way we value ourselves to reflect our personality and intentions?

The color you prefer to wear means a lot about your temperament. Find out more below:


1. Sparkling red.

This color is often worn by passionate and self-confident people. You like to be admired and revealing your sensual side doesn’t bother you at all. Quite the contrary! That’s what makes you attractive.

2. Purple.

Mine of nothing, purple is a rather sober color on the lips. People who put purple on their lips are patient and organized in nature. If you wear this color, you need to think about things rather than doing them spontaneously without planning anything. Purple is the color of persuasion!

3. Sober red.

Unlike the sparkling red, the simple and sober red is used by women who want to be coquettish without being too noticed. In short, this lipstick is intended for modest and calm people. But be careful, this does not mean that they are boring people! As soon as they are confident, they can be surprising…

4. Peach color.

The peach color is the one that most represents generous women who care about the well-being of their loved ones. And that’s what makes them incredibly endearing people. So your entourage is spontaneously kind and attentive to you in return.

5. Sparkling pink.

If this is your favorite color when it comes to lipstick, it’s because you’re someone who isn’t afraid to show off their wild and adventurous side. You are constantly open to new encounters, new experiences. Going into the unknown does not scare you!

6. Bordeaux.

Also called the red wine-lie, this color is a sign of a desire for seduction without complex! If this is the color you wear most often on your lips, it is because you are someone who lives the moment without worrying about what we think. And that’s something that makes you incredibly sensual!

7. Pale pink.

You are gentle by nature, and everyone finds you adorable. It is this main character trait in you that makes your popularity with those around you. You are infinitely tender and you really have a lot to give. In short, conviviality is your thing!

8. Mole.

You are of a nameless simplicity and nature is your thing. You are absolutely not a superficial person. Thanks to this character trait, you are often considered a reliable, loyal and serious person. Basically, you are a really reassuring person.

9. Black.

If you dare to be black, it is because you are someone who loves nonconformism. Fit into a mold, it’s not too much your thing! You have a rather offbeat humor that, sometimes, destabilizes some. That’s why we love hanging out with you! You see the world differently.

10. The original colors.

Blue, green, yellow… These lipstick colors that are out of the ordinary are surprising, as are the people who wear them. You are someone with an overflowing imagination but also very extroverted. With you, we are not bored! You don’t care what others think of you.

Then? What lipstick do you wear?


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