What Your Lipstick Tip Shape Says About You

When women apply their lipstick, most likely think it’s a fairly innocuous task, something that can be done quickly and quietly with the minimum amount of fuss. As it turns out, however, the way in which you apply your lipstick – and the shape that this causes the product to take over time – actually reveals a lot of intimate details about who you are as a person.

The editors at healthyorga took a look at the variety of different lipstick shapes created by women over time, as the product becomes moulded to their mouth, and revealed the different types of personalities that correspond to each of the most classic shapes.


1. The tip is curved on both sides…

You are a sensual woman who wants to emancipate herself. Quick-witted, you like to live from day to day. A schedule to follow on a daily basis? What a bore! You would like to live new experiences all the time. Creative and bold, you undeniably like to spice up your life.


2. It remained diagonal, like when you bought it.

You like to control things. And you’re doing pretty well. By using your lipstick in this way, you are being precise and that’s how you are in everyday life. Your future, your social and sentimental relationships, you care about it and try to manage them as best as possible. You are a perfectionist, ambitious and indomitable woman.

3. The lipstick is diagonal but curved.

This shape indicates is a mark of stress. You tend to press on your lipstick but it also shows a character temperament. You do not hesitate to impose yourself, and mine of nothing, it makes you endearing in the eyes of your entourage. They know who to rely on!

4. If the tip of your lipstick has become a bowl.

If you use your lipstick in this way, it is because you are undoubtedly an emotional person. You are a sensitive person! The pressure you exert on your lipstick and the bowl it forms at the end shows your desire not to be too noticed. You are infinitely sweet and we appreciate you mainly for that!

5. If the tip is rounded.

You are probably a woman who leaves nothing to chance. We feel good at your side and you have something very reassuring for your loved ones. You need harmony in your life. You don’t like conflict, it scares you.

6. If the tip is flat.

You are a very natural woman who is often attentive to her loved ones. Thanks to your diplomacy and good advice, we love you very much and no one feels in real competition with you. You are so respectful that you do not crush anyone in your path.


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