What your nose shape reveals about your personality

What does your nose say about your personality and character? A lot of things actually… Maybe more than you think!

When we say that we can see something “like the nose in the middle of the face”, it may be for a good reason after all! Indeed, the face – and more particularly the shape of the nose – can say a lot about our personality… And about what is hidden deep inside us.


Already, you should know that there are 8 major different types of the nose, each with its own characteristics:


what your nose shape reveals about your personality


So, which of these noses matches yours? Compare, then look at what your nose can reveal about your personality!


1. Small Nose

Don’t mess too much with that friend of yours who has a typically small nose, just because she is cheerful and affable. That’s their nature, but sometimes, they can lose their temper, and boy, do they get really mad then! Also, they are quite anal about their privacy.


2. Long Nose

You’re the one who is born to be a leader. Equipped with a good sense of business, driving ambition, razor-sharp instincts—you can easily carve your own road to success. Your biggest problems are often derived from your greatest strengths.


3. Big Nose

The bridge of this nose can either be short, or long. But they have wider tips, with nostrils that are really large. The size of the nose is directly related to the sense of power, drive, leadership, ego, and desire to work independently exuded by the nose-bearer. They have a mind of their own and find it difficult to work under someone else. Also, they hate small talk.


4. Concave nose

The concave nose is often considered the perfect nose. Slightly dug in the middle, the tip soars very slightly forward. This type of nose often reveals a great sensitivity and certain goodness of the soul. These people are ready to help others and are known to have their hearts on their hands.

Be careful though, they are fragile people! And so you have to be careful not to hurt them because of the great empathy it is easy to hurt them.


5. The bird’s nose

The bird’s nose is thin, a little hooked, like a beak. It has an assertive shape with a slight curve in the middle. They are determined and idealistic people, with strong convictions, ready for sacrifice, and generally endowed with a certain sense of creativity. They do not hesitate to go where no one before them has gone. It is even something they tend to look for. They do not allow themselves to be influenced by the opinion and opinions of others. So, if you don’t like what they do, too bad for you!


6. The straight nose

The straight nose is also called the Greek nose, and for good reason: it was considered to have a perfect and particularly aesthetic shape among the ancient Greeks. It is found in the sculptures and engravings of the time. It is a nose with a pointed tip and narrow nostrils. People with this type of nose are likely to be endowed with a great practical sense. They have a foolproof loyalty are brilliant, determined but often a little shy.

They sometimes have trouble expressing their emotions, which can be a problem in their professional and personal relationships.

7. The convex nose

The convex nose, or Roman nose, is characterized by a large curve in the middle of the nose. There is sometimes a slight hollow at the birth of the nose, or towards the tip. It generally reflects a strong leadership personality. People with such an appendage are often very charismatic, and even when they are not in charge, they know how to make themselves heard and in their own way have a strong influence on others.

They are workers, very invested at the professional level. They are often very organized.


8. The Nubian nose

The Nubian nose is a fairly long nose with a wide base. The nostrils are round and amazed. These are most often lively and curious people, who love to find solutions to problems and are good at it. Positive, optimistic, and open, people with Nubian noses are among the people who prefer to see the cup half full. They are often very frank and honest people, which makes them friendly to many people.

9. The flat nose

The flat nose is very common in Asia and Africa. It is very short, with wide nostrils and a tip usually rounded. They are often very pleasant people, with strong character. They look friendly and calm, but beware: don’t try to take advantage of them or abuse their patience, because if you cross the line, know that their anger can be terrible!


10. The snub nose

The snub nose is very short, its tip is neither round nor flat. Often direct and frank, people with this type of nose can seem abrupt at first. Yet, they are actually lovely people. They are extremely lively, sometimes difficult for others to follow. They like to go all the way with their projects and ideas.


The term “crooked nose” may not be very elegant… However, this type of nose can confer a certain charm! It may depend on genetics or shocks.

Those who have the nose naturally so are particularly charismatic, they have a strong personalities. They are often excellent friends, affectionate and enthusiastic. They know how to put others at ease right away.



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